Bringing Pokémon data to retail

By Alejandra Valdez
Blog / September 7, 2016

We’re pleased to announce Pokémon Go data visualization in our commercial real estate marketing platform. Using this data can help commercial real estate firms guide clients to making better decisions around their retail strategy.

Flyer unifies the entire marketing process for commercial real estate firms, and we’re thrilled to announce that we are incorporating PokéStops and Gyms to our listing browsing options. The new map filter is easy to use and it’ll show the exact location of PokeStops and Gyms around property listings. This feature will give firms a whole new level of market expertise and it will bridge the gap with millennials customers. The map filters will allow potential customers to visualize how they can capitalize on Pokémon Go’s 20 million daily active users in the United States—beating Snapchat with twice the engagement.

Ever since online shopping started to take over, retail businesses have been struggling to lure people into their stores. But seeing how Pokémon Go has changed the way people play and explore in their surroundings, a new world of opportunities has opened up for retail. The game has inspired millions of people to go out and search for Pokémon in order to catch ‘em all. This has lead to a sudden—and much needed—increase in foot traffic in many retail clusters like downtown areas and malls.

Let’s take Occoquan, VA as an example. According to the Washington Post, Pokémon Go’s popularity has caused a significant increase in tourism and with it a sudden boost in foot traffic on the town’s main retail strip. All this activity is helping local businesses profit by increasing their revenue day-to-day.

Commercial real estate is all about market and local knowledge, having current and relevant market information is the main purpose of a firm. Following trends like Pokemon Go can help marketing teams strategize according to the consumer’s ever-changing interests and needs. Building better tools for commercial real estate is our passion at Flyer. We have unified the entire marketing process and we are delighted to help firms change the way they interact and engage with their clients. This is just the beginning of the new features we will be adding; we’ll keep you posted for new updates.